If you use the gradebook in Canvas this may be of interest to you.

Canvas displays the grades to you and to your students in two modes:

  1. Don’t treat ungraded as zero. (default)
  2. Treat ungraded as zero.

You can select (2) in the gradebook by clicking the gear wheel on the upper right, but that only effects your view, not your students’ view.

The problem is that as more and more assignments are not turned in by a particular student they then get a distorted view of their total grade, since their undone work is not treated as zero.

To solve this problem I routinely change all not submitted assignments to zero in the gradebook after an assignment has been graded.

This can be done at the top of the column of an assignment in the gradebook, by selecting Set Default Grade, and typing in zero.

Then, (1) or (2), above, doesn’t matter. The totals will be the same.

It’s important to do Set Default Grade after the assignment has been graded, because the student will receive a Canvas notification about that, and that would be a very confusing thing to get before the assignment was graded.

It’s also very good for the student to get an explicit notification every time they don’t submit work.

Hope this is helpful.

Glenn Downing

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