I am enamored with HackerRank!

HackerRank is an online judge, similar to Codeforces, Kattis, Sphere, and UVa.

All of these have the following in common:

  • a large set of challenges (ACM-ICPC) like problems)

  • contests

  • a variety of languages can be used to solve the challenges

  • a global leaderboard

Features that are somewhat unique to HackerRank are:

  • it’s being used by many companies to screen prospective employees

  • challenges are categorized by type (e.g. dynamic programming)

  • a submission is given several tests, you’re told how many tests failed and how many succeeded, and receive a grade accordingly

  • you can create your own contests with HackerRank challenges or your own challenges with leaderboards just for your students

I’ve successfully run two contests for my students this term, one with a HackerRank challenge and another with a UVa challenge that I copied, and for which I have several test cases.

So, if you have a programming project that only reads ASCII from stdin and only writes ASCII to stdout, and for which you have several test cases, I think it’s very attractive to create a HackerRank contest with either HackerRank challenges or your own.

Glenn Downing

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