Dr. Fares Fraij and I attended the second annual Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Faculty Institute from Sun, 30 Jul, to Tue, 1 Aug, of this year.

We also attended the first one last year.

Google (GCP) (started in 2011, 4% market share) is trying its best to compete with Microsoft (Azure) (started in 2011, 10% market share) and Amazon (AWS) (started in 2006, 47% market share).

Around 50 faculty members attended from various institutions across the U.S.

And the institute consisted of various Google talks including a very inspiring one by Vint Cerf who joined Google in 2005 as their Chief Internet Evangelist.

For me, though, the best part of gatherings like these is the opportunity to find out how other faculty are delivering CS courses, including their pedagogy and their tools.

Last year the biggest revelation for me was Docker.

This year it was Kaggle, Google Course Builder, and SIGCSE mailing lists.

Google also gave us tutorials and compute credits to get started with GCP.

And, finally, they gave us compute credits to give to our students.

For my students in CS373: Software Engineering I think GCP offers an equivalent functionality to AWS and I intend to have them try that this fall.

Glenn Downing

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